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Wealth and Abundance (S2EP02)

Wealth & Abundance.png

We’re off to the races for Season 2!

Our previous episode set the framework for how we’re tackling the subject of health and well-being. In this episode we’re doing the same for the subject of wealth and abundance.

We make a case that our collective definition for wealth is one that’s been shaped by society, culture and industry. Many are the actors, and each has contributed towards influencing our thinking about how we value and define wealth.

Capitalism driven by human behavior has its virtues. But it also has its “dark” side such as greed, dishonesty and manipulation. Take it from a marketing guy; don’t underestimate the power of advertising and marketing to sway our behavior and thinking regarding money and wealth.

As we like to quote Socrates, “The unexamined life is not worth living.”

We invite you to listen to this episode and examine your definition of wealth. Is it best supporting the essence of who you are at your heart’s core?  Are you taking a balanced view? Is the amount of time, energy and focus you spend on the money side of wealth-building better used towards those things near and dear to your heart?

Listen here and please don’t forget to check out the links to all the resources shared in this podcast from your podcast app or from our website at www.hwph.org.


In support of living your inspired life!

Mark Dale Mazur, RLP®

Registered Life Planner

What We Discuss:

  • A traditional definition of wealth

  • Wealth as physical assets of monetary value

  • Redefining and expanding the definition around wealth

  • Are we spending too much time and energy dealing with money

  • Net worth statement vs self worth statement

  • Why are we so focused on wealth?

  • The link to insecurity, status seeking and social acceptance and seeking wealth

  • Shifting from an external focus on life to an inner focus

  • The influence of the financial industry marketing machine on our focus on money

  • What was the original American dream? Freedom.

  • The American dream today is more about the external things of the affluent

  • Is it still relevant and does it hold true for all of us today?

  • The role of your unique ability and in a more expanded definition of wealth

  • What is unique ability for each of us? Expressed through why we are here.

  • Your unique ability is a big part of your self worth statement

  • Prosperity as a more expanded and comprehensive definition of true wealth

  • Prosperity as the anchor word true wealth

  • Prosperity as a state of flourishing, thriving and good fortune

  • Abundance of the things we love as a part of understanding true wealth

  • Knowing and being thankful for what you have an abundance of

  • What is enough money and the things it buys enough for you?

  • Mark’s feeling of prosperity from the questions posed by his granddaughter

  • Focusing the “Big Five” on what gives you a feeling of prosperity and abundance

  • The importance of defining what true wealth means to you

  • Explore embracing this wider view of wealth that can lead to greater freedom


Supporting Resources:

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Health and Well-Being (S2EP01)


Welcome to Season 2.

Now we get down to the business of health, wealth and happiness for you.

We open this season with an overview of how we define health. It’s really about answering the question of what’s the framework for living a life in good health with an ongoing sense of well-being. What does that really mean? Is it achievable? And if so, how?

It’s actually simple. Simple in that it’s not hard to understand and grasp. Simple in that it’s not rocket science, but it is the science of the how the human mind and body work. The good news is we are also not required to understand at a deep and complex level how it all works.

The requirements of the mind body connection to operate at an optimum level is simply a matter of how to practice the basics of living. That is to eat, to drink, to move, to rest, and most importantly to be, in a way that fully supports the wiring and operating system of our bodies.

This season is dedicated to bring to you the subject experts that will share the ideas, knowledge and best practices that will create a strong foundation for experiencing good health and a state of well-being.

With appreciation for the opportunity to help you fully live into your inspired life!

What We Discuss:

  • Our intentions for Season 2

  • Living healthy, wealthy and happy

  • Broadening the subject on healthy living

  • Why thinking more globally about your health is important

  • The Wheel of Health:
    - Physical
    - Mental
    - Emotional
    - intellectual
    - Environmental
    - Social
    - Vocational
    - Spiritual

  • Defining health as an overall state of well-being

  • Defining well-being as a state of existence with an overall combination of health, happiness and prosperity

  • Pathways to disease and pathways to well-being

  • Feeling good is not the ultimate marker for a healthy body

  • How do we approach maintaining a state of well-being?

  • Developing best practices of preventative care

  • Taking personal responsibility for our health. What does that really mean?

  • Top three precursors to health issues:
    1. Eating the wrong foods
    2. Not managing stress well
    3. Not getting enough sleep

  • A balanced life is important for maintaining a life of well-being

  • Practicing and how we live our lives when we get off track and getting back on

  • The 80-20 rule

  • The 14 Constructs of Great Health and using it as a barometer of one’s well-being

  • Mark’s suffering experience with headaches in his 20s as a teacher about health

  • The power of moving your body on a regular basis

  • Mind body routines: The key to good health and well-being

  • Stress and how we handle change impacting one’s energy and diet

  • The master of dealing with change leading to good health and longevity

  • Living a simple life and the power of environment for well-being

  • Define what health and well-being is for you and “take the right action!”

  • Being aware and viewing health on the broadest holistic level


Supporting Resources:

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The Master of Your Freedom (S1EP13)

The penultimate episode of Season One features the father of life planning, George Kinder.

When one wants to master a skill, one should learn from a master.

If you want to understand what living a life of real freedom is all about, do yourself a favor and listen to this interview with someone who walks the talk and lives the words he speaks. George is such a person and master of the art of life planning.

He personally has been an inspiration to me and has inspired the myriad others that have known or been taught by him.

In this interview George takes us through his early life, when the seeds of freedom were sown, and the early stages of the life planning movement. You will learn more about the most important skill we can bring to others: being fully present and listening with unconditional positive regard for the one who is sharing with us.

Enjoy and please don’t forget to check out the links to all the resources shared in this podcast.

In love and appreciation… and to your inspired life!

What We Discuss:

  • A brief recap of Mark’s and Aries’ intentions for this season

  • Both of them hoped for “one thing” this first season. Learn what it was.

  • George’s young life growing up in the foothills of the Appalachians

  • The best year of George’s life at the young age of three

  • Being conscious of vitality and inspiration at this early age

  • Growing up in a small “salt of the earth” town

  • Harvard in the ‘60s with students “ruling the campus”

  • Valuing our democratic freedoms and how he can live and make it accessible to others

  • Came out of Harvard wanting to live a life of poetry, painting and meditation

  • Inspired by the work of Christo as a sculptor

  • Became an accountant providing tax planning part time to support his life as an artist

  • How George evolved from taxes to financial planning in the ‘70s

  • Learning about empathy and listening skills from his niche-building with therapists

  • How listening was and has always been at the heart of planning

  • Viewing money as simply a means of facilitating our dream of freedom

  • Why he shifted from service to the public consumer to service toindustry professionals

  • When you live a life of freedom and vitality you gain greater sel f-knowledge

  • A bit about George’s spiritual journey

  • How just living a life of freedom, vitality and vigor can propel the client forward

  • We were born to be authentic and bring something extraordinary into the world

  • Finding our authenticity, self-knowledge and wisdom to model integrity and freedom

  • The Three Questions, Heart’s Core Grid and living your Ideal Day, Week and Year

  • Being awake and present in every moment of our life

  • George’s latest book: A Golden Civilization & The Map of Mindfulness





Books by George Kinder

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Your Unique Abilities: Changing Your World (S1EP10)

Big Five- Unique Ability.png

Imagine knowing what your unique abilities are and spending 80% of your time using them!

Central to your persona in this life are characteristics and values entirely unique to you. When you create a picture of the type of inspiring future you want to live, you’ve connected to your deepest self. In your deepest self lies the power to make your dream a reality.    

Oftentimes, coming from that space of your deepest self lies a code unlocking your purpose in life. Within that code are the insights into your unique abilities. These unique abilities are the “tools” and will provide the leverage for you to build your vision. Do you know what these unique abilities are for you?

You can find out through The Strategic Coach’s Unique Ability® Discovery.

This guide will be the stepping stone to becoming the very best version of you. When you define your Unique Ability you obtain a wealth of self-knowledge, clarity, and confidence that empowers you to live the life you’ve always envisioned.  

Listen to this Podcast and begin your journey to discover your unique abilities. They may not be what you think!


What We Cover:

  • Mark’s experience with determining his unique ability through the Strategic Coach Program

  • A brief review of the opening exercise for discovering unique abilities

  • Realizing the essence of who you are

  • Examples of unique abilities played out in life

  • Superior skills and playing them out in your life

  • Passion and energy reflected in living your unique abilities

  • Why is unique ability important?

  • Unique ability tied to one’s bigger purpose in life

  • Life planning and unique ability

  • Looking at unique ability from a team standpoint


The Resources:

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The Big Five: Energy (S1EP09)

Big Five- Energy.png

The entire world spins on energy. It is the life force of the Universe and it’s the life force that will play a major role in delivering your big, true vision.

The first step when you become clear on this grand dream is to live into it!

Living into it means seeing it, fully feeling it and connecting with the power and energy of your excitement and joy experiencing it. You should feel inspired and alive—really energized, so your vibrational energy is spinning at a very high level!

This is important because here, as in physics, your energy is “the capacity to do the work.” In other words, it’s what you need to move forward through those obstacles and challenges that stand in your way!

For you, the “action” starts with the intention, inspiration and inner listening required to effect shifts in your consciousness. It’s that shift in consciousness that is the movement of something (your vision) against something else (your obstacles) that will begin to make your vision a reality. This is the “physics” of what’s going to move the mountains for you!

In this episode, we explore best practices that will support your vibrational energy levels, along with best practices in support of your shift of consciousness to create your expanded vision.

What We Cover:

  • The four major “holders” and “channels” of energy for human beings:
    1. Physical
    2. Mental
    3. Emotional
    4. Spiritual

  • How Kundalini yoga awakens your physical and spiritual energy

  • What are you doing with your time to keep your vibrational energy level high?

  • What energizes you? What drains your energy?

  • Methods of better managing your energy

  • Identifying the people who raise your energy level and transfer positive energy to you

  • Aries and Mark share the steps they’ve taken to better manage their energy

  • Mark’s routines to awaken his energy: walking, meditation, yoga and weight training

  • Bad thoughts will drain your energy and how to deal with that?

  • Mark shares his experience with the “stop, drop and roll” technique

  • Consider the “BEAR” acronym: Belief leads to an Energy which leads to an Action which leads to Results.

  • Stay away from this formula: negative beliefs = negative results

  • Being aware of our natural tendencies that lean towards a positive or negative reaction

  • Habits and energy make up a part of an interrelated web of contributing factors that help you realize your vision—or keep you from attaining it

  • We all have the power to make changes

  • Focus, tenacity and commitment are required to change

  • Mark’s tops three game-changer habits:
    1. Daily meditation
    2. Daily movement
    3. Consciously eating clean

  • Mark and Aries share how they deal with the struggles of eating or doing those things you love but which don’t serve you.

  • Starting change one item at a time

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The Big Five: Time (S1EP08)

Big Five- Time.png


In Episode 8 we discuss what’s required for people to move forward on their big, true vision. For most, if not all, it will require change and a recalibration in five key areas of your life: Time, Energy, Money, Relationships and Personal Gifts or Skills.

 Mark and Aries take the deep dive on the subject of time. What is time and why it is so important.

 Time is limited. It’s one of a few things you actually have control over. Once it’s gone you can never get it back. Time is money, economically speaking. It’s a big piece of your life and we must master it, to achieve that big, true vision.

The big question is, are you spending your time in a way that supports your vision? For most of us the answer is a resounding “no!” So how do we change that?

Like everything, it starts with awareness.

How are you spending your time? Are you intentional with your time?  Are YOU owning your time, or do others? Are you aware of how much time you spend doing for others vs. caring for yourself? Do you know what an ideal day is for you?

Can you answer this question: If you had total freedom to choose to do anything you wanted on a given day, would you know what to do?

What We Cover:

  • How time is finite

  • Understanding what time means for you in support of your big, true vision

  • Getting empowered over your time, and how you are using and managing it

  • The relationship between happiness and a regular focus on time management

  • Helpful tools to help you measure time

  • Being intentional with your time

  • Increments of time that we should focus on

  • Going from illusion to reality with your concept of time

  • Deconstructing time and building your ideal week

  • Doing a time diary. Noting your hour-by-hour activities

  • Why we do things we know we don’t really enjoy doing

  • How we need structure to help us best plan our time for those things that count

  • The important skill and exercise of prioritizing

  • Obstacles to managing your time

  • Opportunities to better leverage time

  • Awareness is the key to making changes with your time

  • Example of a wild crazy exercise and study on life expectancy in terms of hours and days

  • Creating a greater sense of urgency around time

  • What’s one change you can make in the area of time that fully supports your life plan?

  • Being more strategic about your time

  • Make your ideal week exercise intentional and authentic

The Resources:

Bonus Exercise:

Here’s a way to start:

Step 1: Set the intention to change how you are spending your time.

Step 2: Start a time diary. Measure it and track what you are doing each day.

Step 3: Identify areas that clearly are not supporting your vision.  

Step 4: Describe and actually schedule out an ideal day. This is the target for you.

Step 5: Compare your ideal day with your dairy days and set the intention to move into the ideal day, one activity at a time.

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The Way Forward (S1EP07)


In Episode 7 we review the reasons for the first four foundational episodes: Intention, Inspiration, Inner Listening and Big Vison; True Vision.

When your vision begins to come into focus, you are faced with the question: How to do I execute on this vision? Then most of us confront the obstacles and the reasons why we can’t pursue and achieve this vision. Here we can easily get stuck or worse, give up. But what you need to know is the obstacle is the way! (More to come on that in a future episode.)

The first critical step is an awareness of what those obstacles are, why they are here and how we can best respond to them. When we begin to discover the answers to these questions, we are often led to what needs to change in our lives.

This process help to better understand Socrates when he says, “a life unexamined is not worth living.” He chose death over exile. Here we choose a life of inspired living and true freedom over a life lived from the ordinary “small self” and not the extraordinary “higher self.”

Now the beginning of the path and the way forward begins to emerge!


 What We Cover:

  • Mark reviews the four cornerstones of an inspired life: Episodes 1 through 4

  • How we often need to change things in our life to achieve our vision

  • Realizing that we can’t expect to keep doing the same things and expect different results. Didn’t Einstein say “That’s the definition of insanity?”

  • Examples of how Mark and Aries changed certain habits that weren’t supporting their vision

  • How Mark moved forward on the beginning of his vision through his intention and intuition

  • The power of affirmations and how to know which ones will work for you

  • Being aware of and addressing the obstacles that might be in the way of your vision

  • Questioning our own thoughts and beliefs about ourselves. Asking, is this true?

  • Key drivers that often need to change for you to achieve your vision

- Time: Deconstructing and becoming aware of how you are spending your time.

- Energy: Understanding what gives you energy and what depletes your energy.

- Unique ability: What is it and how to discover it for yourself.

- Relationships: Know those around you that serve and support your vision, or those that don’t support your vision.

- Money: Your relationship to it and how it is only one of many resources that can support your vision.

  • Personal development is key. We all must focus on our growth in all areas of our life

  • Deep knowing, not academic learning, is one key to a life of health, wealth and happiness

The Resources:

The Bonuses:

  • The HWPH Top Five Jim Rohn Quotes

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Aries Gets Life Planned (S1EP06)


In Episode 5 Mark gets life planned by Aries. In Episode 6, the tables are turned and Aries gets life planned by Mark. Same discovery process but different tools and a different advisor. No two clients and no two advisors are alike. Each come into the self-discovery and exploration process with different strategies and intuitive leanings. It’s interesting to hear both styles and approaches used by Aries and Mark. Equally interesting are the tools used and the type of answers these different tools can deliver.

Note to audience: In this role play, Mark takes time to read the questions and asks Aries to read his answers. Normally, we would simply ask the client to share how as the experience completing the exercise and what did you discover in the answers? Mark additionally adds commentary and as such, takes on a more instructional tone. Actual meetings are far more upbeat and high energy as we get connected to an emerging vision for the client.


 What We Cover:

  • Mark role plays as the life planner and Aries as the client

  • We demonstrate asking open ended questions leading to meaningful sharing

  • The Three Questions and Heart’s Core Grid tools

  • The idea and the importance of legacy for Aries

  • Life design ideas that Aries would implement if he had the money he needed

  • What’s most important to Aries when he learns in question 3, he has 24 hours to live

  • How one’s vision continues to evolve with more inner work and self-actualization

  • The beginning stages of vision development

  • How Mark paint’s the picture for Aries through the delivery of a Torch Statement

The Resources:

The Bonuses:

  • The Three Questions by The Kinder Institute

  • The Heart’s Core Grid by The Kinder Institute

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Mark Gets Life Planned (S1EP05)


To live this idea of a more inspired life, we must start with intention. We must also understand that what truly inspires us is of Spirit. Knowing this we must develop the ability to listen to our Spirit; that voice from the depths our soul. True Vision and Big Vision emanates from this Spirit-led understanding and realization.

In this episode, Aries, sits in the advisor seat and through a role-playing exercise, takes Mark through the exploratory and vision stage of the life planning process. Using the Wheel of Life tool, he helps Mark gain greater clarity of himself and of his vision. Ultimately helping him discover who he wants to be, what he wants to do and have. Here you can observe and discover how this exploration process works and how Mark’s vision unfolds.

 What We Cover:

  • Mark and Aries role play between the life planner and the client

  • How we demonstrate the use of two of our planning tools with clients

  • What the client experience is like going through the exploration stage

  • How the client can progress and evolve through the discovery process

  • The power of asking questions and listening with a deep focus and presence

  • The Wheel of Life tool providing the basis for meaningful conversation

  • How this meaningful conversation can lead to further clarity on the part of the client

  • When the client has more clarity, greater conviction and energy follow

  • With conviction emboldened and energy increasing, confidence is rising

  • With rising confidence and greater clarity, we begin seeing solutions to perceived obstacles 

  • The topic of money and our relationship with money

  • Mark relates his experience if not being able to attain the dream home in his life plan and how he’s dealing with it

  • Through the role playing, we learn how Mark is evolving this vision for the home of his dreams through a changing perspective

  • Real life examples of struggle through obstacles and opening up to new possibilities

The Resources:

The Bonuses:

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True Vision. Big Vision. (S1EP04)


Vision, in the context of what we are describing in this episode, is by definition something seen in the mind’s eye. If it’s Spirit-led, conveying a revelation or picture of a thought, concept, or object and is accompanied by strong feelings and emotions, it will lead to the manifestation of what you are envisioning. That is the ultimate power of what we refer to as a True Vision. The key to a Big Vision is it must be so much larger than you, yourself.


 What We Cover:

  • How Intention, Inspiration and Inner Listening lead up to a True Vision. A Big Vision

  • Vision is a combination of heart and mind

  • Knowing your “Why”

  • A description of Vision and what it entails

  • What do we mean by “True” and “Big” Vision?

  • Something bigger than our ourselves

  • Ego vs. Spirit vision

  • Tools we use to help folks build a True Vision, a Big Vision.

  • How the tools bring an awareness of where we are today

  • How the tools help us discover more about who we are and why we’re here

  • How the tools can help us “crack the code” for a more inspired life

  • Vision is about having belief

  • Self-discovery tools:
    - Wheel of Life tool
    - The Three Questions
    - Heart’s Core Grid
    - Visualize Your Future

The Resources:


The Bonuses:

  • Inspired Living Workbook #1
    (Includes referenced self-discovery tool: The Wheel of Life tool, The Three Questions and the Heart’s Core Grid.)

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Inner Listening (S1EP03)

Inner Listening.png

What do we mean by inner listening? In this Podcast we refer to it as the way one accesses the “voice” of their inner being. It is the essence of who we are and here we explore its role in living an inspired life of connection to your true nature and that of others. Inner listening is both a skill and an art. Having it allows you to know the distinction between the voice of “self” and the voice of “spirit.”


What We Discuss:

  • We are spiritual beings in a human body. Not the other way around

  • The voice we all have inside

  • What do we mean by inner listening?

  • Inner listening as being present in the moment with someone

  • Being open to listening

  • Inner listening and prayer

  • Listening by being alone, quiet and open

  • Your inner voice like a radio frequency

  • Inner listening and connection and a car battery

  • Dealing with the distractions of life

  • Too wrapped up in self and dealing with some big, dramatic,
    egocentric story

  • Coming back to the breath

  • The “stop, drop and roll” exercise to stop the growing momentum of thought

  • Distinguishing between the voice of self and the voice of your spirit and inner being

  • Examples of hearing our own inner voice

  • Heeding the voice within

  • Feelings being a vibrational match to what’s true for us

  • Our feelings are a great guide for us

  • Ego-driven decisions vs. spirit-driven decisions

  • Start with meditation





Meditation Starters: A gift to yourself to help you develop the art of inner listening.


Mediation Books

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Inspiration (S1EP02)


Inspiration takes many forms and shapes. It’s a universal force that every human being strives to access. Just as there are no two snowflakes alike, so it is for the inspiration that may overtake each one of us. For some it’s about choosing a particular path as you wait for your life to take on a particular shape; to find out if you are capable of fulfilling your own most cherished dreams. For others it might be as simple as chasing a curious itch or a lifelong wanting of being, doing or having. Whatever it is for you, we want to help you take a step in the direction of igniting it and then living fully into it.


What We Cover:

  • The definition and origins of the word inspiration

  • Living life from the spiritual side: What does that mean?

  • Why is living an inspired life important for all human beings?

  • How Mark and Aries each began living an inspired life. A chapter of their personal stories

  • An awareness of an evolving consciousness after wanting a change

  • Inspired living through a life planning model developed by George Kinder

  • The need for spiritual grounding after a crisis hit

  • Tools that helped moving through a period of disconnection from Spirit

  • Meditation as practice to get in touch with your spiritual self

  • Being aware when change is needed and how to deal with that

  • What’s the itch and boredom about? Being curious

  • Change, growth and risk-taking

  • The energy needed to really move through something

  • Listening to your inner being

  • The pathway to live an inspired life

  • How the unexamined life is not worth living

  • Our feelings as our barometer to determine what is right for each of us

  • Underlying themes to living an inspired life

  • Change agents and discovering who you are and why you are here

  • Looking at what inspires you and asking, “Is that a business, a project or a hobby?”

  • Exercises to reflect on your life


The Resources:

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Intention (S1EP01)

Intention (S1EP01)

All of us have experienced, at one time or another, moments when we knew exactly what we wanted. In its purest form, this is the birth of an intention: The desire for something in a specific moment or future period in time. In this episode, we talk about the power of intention and its role in creating an inspired life of real freedom.

Intro (Start Here)


As individuals inspired to live out our best lives, we explore all topics relating to planning, building, and living your best life. You can expect some great ideas regarding best life practices and in-depth discussions about living an authentic and inspiring life.

We’ll cover topics ranging from health and wellbeing to true wealth and our relationship to money. We explore the strategies and tools that will support you in living a life in complete harmony with your mind, body, and soul.

We are passionate about this work and are committed to continue to learn, explore, and examine everything that can make a difference in our lives. And everything that we’ve learned and applied in our own lives, we pass along to you!

We hope you will join us on this journey of learning and awareness.

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