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Yoga Will change Your Life (S2EP07)

Yoga is one of the best, if not THE best, life system available to the human race.

In this episode we interview Catherine Anne Mazur, my wife and life partner of 45 years. I’ve watched her yoga journey and have been a personal witness to her health, well-being and personal growth as a result of her teaching and practicing two major types of yoga 

For me, the practice of yoga over the past 16 years has had a profound effect my own health, well-being and spiritual growth.

I call yoga a “system” because it’s more than just poses and “exercises.” It’s a whole system of movement, breath, mental focus and mindfulness, that’s centuries old, and that works to integrate mind, body and soul. There is a science and technology to it that is unmatched.

If you practice yoga, this episode will be interesting, educational and entertaining.  

If you don’t practice yoga, you don’t know what you are missing. If anything resonates with you, check out a studio or online class to experience the magic. For some, give it 90 days of regular practice before you decide if it’s for you. For others, you will know instantly that it is right for you. 

Either way and to all that listen, we wish you the best on your journey to living your most inspired life!

What We Discuss:

How we started down this health path?

  • At an early age, Catherine asked her mom, “Is cheese good for you?”

  • Growing up in the ‘50s with Wonder Bread and TV dinners

  • Love at first “om”: Catherine’s introduction to yoga in the early 2000s

  • Yoga 101. Where does one start?

  • Busting the “I can’t do yoga because…” myths

  • How yoga is not physical poses, but a system of healthy, happy living

  • The history of yoga

  • How to conduct yourself—when you’re by yourself and with others

  • How to breathe to take care of your life force

  • How to control your emotions and mentality

  • How to nurture your heart and brain

  • Sister science of Ayurveda: Living within the rhythm of the season and your body type

  • The different types of yoga

  • Yoga is NOT a religion

  • Specific results of specific poses, like forward fold, or downward dog,

  • Guidelines for finding a good yoga teacher

  • Online yoga options

  • Real life examples of yoga making a difference through all kinds of life experiences

  • Advice from Catherine’s current self to her younger self:

    • Build and live an intentional, authentic life

    • Do yoga at a younger age

    • It’s never too late to get healthier, to start meditating, to get whatever you want…

    • Don’t think of your limitations

    • Take messy action!

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