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Wealth and Abundance (S2EP02)

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We’re off to the races for Season 2!

Our previous episode set the framework for how we’re tackling the subject of health and well-being. In this episode we’re doing the same for the subject of wealth and abundance.

We make a case that our collective definition for wealth is one that’s been shaped by society, culture and industry. Many are the actors, and each has contributed towards influencing our thinking about how we value and define wealth.

Capitalism driven by human behavior has its virtues. But it also has its “dark” side such as greed, dishonesty and manipulation. Take it from a marketing guy; don’t underestimate the power of advertising and marketing to sway our behavior and thinking regarding money and wealth.

As we like to quote Socrates, “The unexamined life is not worth living.”

We invite you to listen to this episode and examine your definition of wealth. Is it best supporting the essence of who you are at your heart’s core?  Are you taking a balanced view? Is the amount of time, energy and focus you spend on the money side of wealth-building better used towards those things near and dear to your heart?

Listen here and please don’t forget to check out the links to all the resources shared in this podcast from your podcast app or from our website at www.hwph.org.


In support of living your inspired life!

Mark Dale Mazur, RLP®

Registered Life Planner

What We Discuss:

  • A traditional definition of wealth

  • Wealth as physical assets of monetary value

  • Redefining and expanding the definition around wealth

  • Are we spending too much time and energy dealing with money

  • Net worth statement vs self worth statement

  • Why are we so focused on wealth?

  • The link to insecurity, status seeking and social acceptance and seeking wealth

  • Shifting from an external focus on life to an inner focus

  • The influence of the financial industry marketing machine on our focus on money

  • What was the original American dream? Freedom.

  • The American dream today is more about the external things of the affluent

  • Is it still relevant and does it hold true for all of us today?

  • The role of your unique ability and in a more expanded definition of wealth

  • What is unique ability for each of us? Expressed through why we are here.

  • Your unique ability is a big part of your self worth statement

  • Prosperity as a more expanded and comprehensive definition of true wealth

  • Prosperity as the anchor word true wealth

  • Prosperity as a state of flourishing, thriving and good fortune

  • Abundance of the things we love as a part of understanding true wealth

  • Knowing and being thankful for what you have an abundance of

  • What is enough money and the things it buys enough for you?

  • Mark’s feeling of prosperity from the questions posed by his granddaughter

  • Focusing the “Big Five” on what gives you a feeling of prosperity and abundance

  • The importance of defining what true wealth means to you

  • Explore embracing this wider view of wealth that can lead to greater freedom


Supporting Resources:

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