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Your Unique Abilities: Changing Your World (S1EP10)

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Imagine knowing what your unique abilities are and spending 80% of your time using them!

Central to your persona in this life are characteristics and values entirely unique to you. When you create a picture of the type of inspiring future you want to live, you’ve connected to your deepest self. In your deepest self lies the power to make your dream a reality.    

Oftentimes, coming from that space of your deepest self lies a code unlocking your purpose in life. Within that code are the insights into your unique abilities. These unique abilities are the “tools” and will provide the leverage for you to build your vision. Do you know what these unique abilities are for you?

You can find out through The Strategic Coach’s Unique Ability® Discovery.

This guide will be the stepping stone to becoming the very best version of you. When you define your Unique Ability you obtain a wealth of self-knowledge, clarity, and confidence that empowers you to live the life you’ve always envisioned.  

Listen to this Podcast and begin your journey to discover your unique abilities. They may not be what you think!


What We Cover:

  • Mark’s experience with determining his unique ability through the Strategic Coach Program

  • A brief review of the opening exercise for discovering unique abilities

  • Realizing the essence of who you are

  • Examples of unique abilities played out in life

  • Superior skills and playing them out in your life

  • Passion and energy reflected in living your unique abilities

  • Why is unique ability important?

  • Unique ability tied to one’s bigger purpose in life

  • Life planning and unique ability

  • Looking at unique ability from a team standpoint


The Resources:

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