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Relationships (S1EP12)

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When we are moving towards a Big and True Vision of who we are and what we want to be in the world, everyone around us plays a vital role in our ability to fulfill that Vision.

We are social creatures and, ultimately, none of us can do it alone. We need the energy and support of key people in our lives.  

If we want to be a more authentic version of ourselves and/or do something more inspiring, it’s important to surround ourselves with those who understand and can support us in achieving our Vision. But how do we do that? What are the obstacles and challenges? How do we evaluate our current relationships? What’s our risk to change or not to change them?

Listen to some straight talk on this interesting and somewhat touchy subject.


What We Discuss:

  • Why should we examine our relationships?

  • We are the average of our five closest relationships.

  • The importance of who we surround ourselves with.

  • Let’s explore our current relationships.

  • Are our people in support of our Big, True Vision?

  • How to examine and evaluate our relationships.

  • Taking inventory.

  • Mentor and mentee relationships.

  • Exercises we can undertake to help with this shift.

  • The use of the Wheel of Life to evaluate relationships in each key area of your life.

  • Knowing the unique abilities of those relationships in our lives.

  • Setting the intention to find the right team support in our lives.

  • Building blocks of relationship skill building:
    - Trust
    - Listening
    - Quality time
    - Physical touch
    - Deep understanding
    - Right action following your words
    - Knowing the other’s language of love

  • Understanding ourselves and what’s important.

  • Where do we draw the line? Who goes? Who stays, but in a different way?

  • Trusting your inner being and soul.

  • Always keeping a view of the big picture and what’s really important.

  • Planning a wedding and planning your best life.

  • Taking an inventory of the relationships in your life.



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