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The Big Five: Time (S1EP08)

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In Episode 8 we discuss what’s required for people to move forward on their big, true vision. For most, if not all, it will require change and a recalibration in five key areas of your life: Time, Energy, Money, Relationships and Personal Gifts or Skills.

 Mark and Aries take the deep dive on the subject of time. What is time and why it is so important.

 Time is limited. It’s one of a few things you actually have control over. Once it’s gone you can never get it back. Time is money, economically speaking. It’s a big piece of your life and we must master it, to achieve that big, true vision.

The big question is, are you spending your time in a way that supports your vision? For most of us the answer is a resounding “no!” So how do we change that?

Like everything, it starts with awareness.

How are you spending your time? Are you intentional with your time?  Are YOU owning your time, or do others? Are you aware of how much time you spend doing for others vs. caring for yourself? Do you know what an ideal day is for you?

Can you answer this question: If you had total freedom to choose to do anything you wanted on a given day, would you know what to do?

What We Cover:

  • How time is finite

  • Understanding what time means for you in support of your big, true vision

  • Getting empowered over your time, and how you are using and managing it

  • The relationship between happiness and a regular focus on time management

  • Helpful tools to help you measure time

  • Being intentional with your time

  • Increments of time that we should focus on

  • Going from illusion to reality with your concept of time

  • Deconstructing time and building your ideal week

  • Doing a time diary. Noting your hour-by-hour activities

  • Why we do things we know we don’t really enjoy doing

  • How we need structure to help us best plan our time for those things that count

  • The important skill and exercise of prioritizing

  • Obstacles to managing your time

  • Opportunities to better leverage time

  • Awareness is the key to making changes with your time

  • Example of a wild crazy exercise and study on life expectancy in terms of hours and days

  • Creating a greater sense of urgency around time

  • What’s one change you can make in the area of time that fully supports your life plan?

  • Being more strategic about your time

  • Make your ideal week exercise intentional and authentic

The Resources:

Bonus Exercise:

Here’s a way to start:

Step 1: Set the intention to change how you are spending your time.

Step 2: Start a time diary. Measure it and track what you are doing each day.

Step 3: Identify areas that clearly are not supporting your vision.  

Step 4: Describe and actually schedule out an ideal day. This is the target for you.

Step 5: Compare your ideal day with your dairy days and set the intention to move into the ideal day, one activity at a time.

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