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Freedom: One Step, Then The Other (S1EP14)

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We have come to the end of Season 1 with Episode 14. It’s been one of the most engaging growth experiences Aries and I have ever experienced.

Our intention was to bring thoughtful and soul-stirring content to help others along their journey. It has also been a catalyst for us, which has led to a deeper understanding of who we are and why we are here. 

In this final episode we summarize and reframe our process to help you discover your soulful, higher-self, leading to an inspired big and true vision. We do that through the art of asking the right questions.

May this listening continue to bring it all together for you.

With appreciation to have shared… and to your inspired life!

What We Discuss:

  • Are you living intentionally?

  • Are you discovering your inspiration?

  • Are you listening to your inner being?

  • Are you seeing a big and true, authentic vision for yourself?

  • Are you using the Wheel of Life to begin an assessment of your life’s score?

  • Are you using the Three Questions and Heart’s Core Grid to discover more about yourself?

  • Are you able to take the right action forward towards your vision?

  • Are you reallocating how you are spending your time?

  • Are you managing your energy more closely?

  • Are you aware of and leveraging your unique abilities?

  • Are you managing your resources and money effectively?

  • Are you in the relationships that fully support you and your vision?

  • Are you accessing the wisdom of others in support of your inspired life?


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