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Find Your Freedom Trail: Cory Schmelzer Interview (S2EP05)

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It’s all about freedom!

In this episode, our subject expert on wealth and abundance, Cory Schmelzer, is what I call an “entrepreneurial freedom fighter!” This guy lives and breathes freedom! It’s central to his life and he walks the talk.

He brings a fresh perspective on an expanded definition of wealth and abundance through the path of freedom. He talks about the importance of mindset, self-confidence and living without fear. Powerful life lessons for all of us!

You will hear a very common theme in this episode. It’s the “entrepreneurial spirit.” George Kinder is his latest brilliant work, A Golden Civilization, defines it as: “The freedom of each individual to live in authenticity and within that to find the passionate purpose they are meant to live by, and then live it!”

Take a listen! Come with an open mind and define for yourself what true wealth and abundance is all about for you. And check out the great reads and resources available in our show notes.

To your happy and inspired life!


Mark Dale Mazur, RLP®

Registered Life Planner


What We discuss

•  Wealth and abundance redefined

•  Cory’s background growing up

•  The role education played in Cory’s development

•  The entrepreneurial spirit

•  Starting in the industry at Smith Barney

•  Began investing during his high school years in the great performing Fidelity Magellan Fund

•  International travel expanded his life experience and knowledge

•  The value of time vs. money

•  Cory’s definition of wealth and abundance

•  How Cory’s parents influenced his definition of wealth

•  Freedom, health, and mindset are the keys to one’s wealth and abundance

•  Bringing the abundance mindset to the financial services business

•  The value of planning and investing wisely

•  How the life planning process helps us focus on things that are really important

•  The value of freedom, liberation and justice for each human being

•  How Cory overcame a learning disability in 3rd grade

•  The impact of self-confidence and work ethic on a wealth and abundance mindset

•  The importance of having a good long game

•  Living below one’s means that can allow for the experience of wealth in relationships and shared travel experiences

•  The Cory Formula: Happiness = (Friendship + Trust) x (Money + Courage + Freedom)

•  Self-confidence rules the day

•  The key routines to maintain wealth and abundance:

- Time with his son Cole

- Time outdoors: Camping and hiking 

- Gratitude for what you have

- Reading and learning

- Reviewing his net worth statement

•  A great example of diverting negative energy into positive energy

•   The universal truth about wealth: It’s all about mindset and not being fearful

•  Being content with yourself

•  Staying in the flow and momentum of that which is good in your life

•  Book recommendations on the expanded definition of wealth and abundance

- Rain of Gold by Victor Villasenor (Love)

- Millionaire Next Door by Thomas Stanley and William Danko (Frugal living leading to wealth)

- The Snowball by Alice Schroeder (Putting good investment principles to work)

- The Razor’s Edge by W. Somerset Maugham  (Mindset)

•   Cory’s advice to his younger self:

   - Hire someone and build a team sooner than later

   - Continue learning about yourself and expand your mind

   - Go outside of your comfort zone

   - Be present in the moment more

            - Laugh more

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