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Money and Living a Life of Freedom! (S1EP11)

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Money, money, money…

What is it about money? For some it’s an obsession. For others it holds the electrical charge of politics and religion. Some loathe it. Some build their entire life around it. There are those that are uncomfortable with it, and there are those who are true masters of it. 

In this episode we begin the process of deconstructing the dynamics of money in our culture and how it affects how we live. Money touches so many parts of our lives. We interface with it regularly and are forever finding ourselves at financial crossroads, often making life decisions based on money.

I have personally been fascinated with people’s experience, beliefs, and emotions around money. When it comes to living your most inspired and meaningful life, your relationship, attitude and understanding around it will have a lot to do with how that life will unfold for you.

What We Cover:

  • A brief exploration of the history of money

  • “Money skills are the survival skills of the 21st century,” Dick Wagner

  • How the culture around money has developed

  • The distortion of net worth equaling self-worth

  • An imbalance around the importance of money

  • How money buys us freedom but can keep us from real freedom

  • Our significance of our relationship with money

  • The role money plays in decision fatigue

  • Money memories at a young age

  • The influencers that formed our beliefs around money during our “little” life

  • Understanding the role that money plays in holding us back from living from our soul

  • Being aware of our beliefs and habits around money

  • Money personalities: One primary and one secondary

  • Our relationship with money affects our relationships with people

  • Making mistakes with money and the power of understanding and forgiveness

  • How money opposites attract as couples

  • Aries’ experience with money and shifting from old money beliefs

  • Do you own money or does money own you?

  • Mark’s relationship with money today and working through his early negative beliefs

  • Grappling with the discrepancies between how much money people earn and why

  • The beginning of Mark’s healing around money

  • Energy and the movement of money

  • How money plays into Mark’s life plan and my heart’s core grid

  • Aligning all our financial resources to support our values and heart’s core desires

  • Accessing your skills with money and taking right action to improve them

  • Awareness of our money spending and earning habits

  • Mastering money through opening up the blind spots

The Resources:

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