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Mark Gets Life Planned (S1EP05)


To live this idea of a more inspired life, we must start with intention. We must also understand that what truly inspires us is of Spirit. Knowing this we must develop the ability to listen to our Spirit; that voice from the depths our soul. True Vision and Big Vision emanates from this Spirit-led understanding and realization.

In this episode, Aries, sits in the advisor seat and through a role-playing exercise, takes Mark through the exploratory and vision stage of the life planning process. Using the Wheel of Life tool, he helps Mark gain greater clarity of himself and of his vision. Ultimately helping him discover who he wants to be, what he wants to do and have. Here you can observe and discover how this exploration process works and how Mark’s vision unfolds.

 What We Cover:

  • Mark and Aries role play between the life planner and the client

  • How we demonstrate the use of two of our planning tools with clients

  • What the client experience is like going through the exploration stage

  • How the client can progress and evolve through the discovery process

  • The power of asking questions and listening with a deep focus and presence

  • The Wheel of Life tool providing the basis for meaningful conversation

  • How this meaningful conversation can lead to further clarity on the part of the client

  • When the client has more clarity, greater conviction and energy follow

  • With conviction emboldened and energy increasing, confidence is rising

  • With rising confidence and greater clarity, we begin seeing solutions to perceived obstacles 

  • The topic of money and our relationship with money

  • Mark relates his experience if not being able to attain the dream home in his life plan and how he’s dealing with it

  • Through the role playing, we learn how Mark is evolving this vision for the home of his dreams through a changing perspective

  • Real life examples of struggle through obstacles and opening up to new possibilities

The Resources:

The Bonuses:

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