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Aries Gets Life Planned (S1EP06)


In Episode 5 Mark gets life planned by Aries. In Episode 6, the tables are turned and Aries gets life planned by Mark. Same discovery process but different tools and a different advisor. No two clients and no two advisors are alike. Each come into the self-discovery and exploration process with different strategies and intuitive leanings. It’s interesting to hear both styles and approaches used by Aries and Mark. Equally interesting are the tools used and the type of answers these different tools can deliver.

Note to audience: In this role play, Mark takes time to read the questions and asks Aries to read his answers. Normally, we would simply ask the client to share how as the experience completing the exercise and what did you discover in the answers? Mark additionally adds commentary and as such, takes on a more instructional tone. Actual meetings are far more upbeat and high energy as we get connected to an emerging vision for the client.


 What We Cover:

  • Mark role plays as the life planner and Aries as the client

  • We demonstrate asking open ended questions leading to meaningful sharing

  • The Three Questions and Heart’s Core Grid tools

  • The idea and the importance of legacy for Aries

  • Life design ideas that Aries would implement if he had the money he needed

  • What’s most important to Aries when he learns in question 3, he has 24 hours to live

  • How one’s vision continues to evolve with more inner work and self-actualization

  • The beginning stages of vision development

  • How Mark paint’s the picture for Aries through the delivery of a Torch Statement

The Resources:

The Bonuses:

  • The Three Questions by The Kinder Institute

  • The Heart’s Core Grid by The Kinder Institute

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