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Inspiration (S1EP02)


Inspiration takes many forms and shapes. It’s a universal force that every human being strives to access. Just as there are no two snowflakes alike, so it is for the inspiration that may overtake each one of us. For some it’s about choosing a particular path as you wait for your life to take on a particular shape; to find out if you are capable of fulfilling your own most cherished dreams. For others it might be as simple as chasing a curious itch or a lifelong wanting of being, doing or having. Whatever it is for you, we want to help you take a step in the direction of igniting it and then living fully into it.


What We Cover:

  • The definition and origins of the word inspiration

  • Living life from the spiritual side: What does that mean?

  • Why is living an inspired life important for all human beings?

  • How Mark and Aries each began living an inspired life. A chapter of their personal stories

  • An awareness of an evolving consciousness after wanting a change

  • Inspired living through a life planning model developed by George Kinder

  • The need for spiritual grounding after a crisis hit

  • Tools that helped moving through a period of disconnection from Spirit

  • Meditation as practice to get in touch with your spiritual self

  • Being aware when change is needed and how to deal with that

  • What’s the itch and boredom about? Being curious

  • Change, growth and risk-taking

  • The energy needed to really move through something

  • Listening to your inner being

  • The pathway to live an inspired life

  • How the unexamined life is not worth living

  • Our feelings as our barometer to determine what is right for each of us

  • Underlying themes to living an inspired life

  • Change agents and discovering who you are and why you are here

  • Looking at what inspires you and asking, “Is that a business, a project or a hobby?”

  • Exercises to reflect on your life


The Resources:

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