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Inner Listening (S1EP03)

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What do we mean by inner listening? In this Podcast we refer to it as the way one accesses the “voice” of their inner being. It is the essence of who we are and here we explore its role in living an inspired life of connection to your true nature and that of others. Inner listening is both a skill and an art. Having it allows you to know the distinction between the voice of “self” and the voice of “spirit.”


What We Discuss:

  • We are spiritual beings in a human body. Not the other way around

  • The voice we all have inside

  • What do we mean by inner listening?

  • Inner listening as being present in the moment with someone

  • Being open to listening

  • Inner listening and prayer

  • Listening by being alone, quiet and open

  • Your inner voice like a radio frequency

  • Inner listening and connection and a car battery

  • Dealing with the distractions of life

  • Too wrapped up in self and dealing with some big, dramatic,
    egocentric story

  • Coming back to the breath

  • The “stop, drop and roll” exercise to stop the growing momentum of thought

  • Distinguishing between the voice of self and the voice of your spirit and inner being

  • Examples of hearing our own inner voice

  • Heeding the voice within

  • Feelings being a vibrational match to what’s true for us

  • Our feelings are a great guide for us

  • Ego-driven decisions vs. spirit-driven decisions

  • Start with meditation





Meditation Starters: A gift to yourself to help you develop the art of inner listening.


Mediation Books

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